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Thomas Schauf has a diverse background. He has written two books revealing the banking secret from the viewpoint of a CPA court expert witness. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science with double majors in accounting and finance.

After graduation he worked as a staff accountant for Motorola. He worked for a small Certified Public Accounting firm, owned and operated his own business brokerage firm and Certified Public Accounting practice.

Over a period of nearly ten years, he has testified in a number of cases as an expert Witness in business valuation, and has taught the arts of business valuation, business acquisition and negotiations to buyers, CPA's and lawyers on a national level in colleges and major universities.

He has taught lawyers and thousands of CPAs the art of valuation and negotiations in his copyrighted course designed to meet continuing education requirements.

He has been a controller, head of purchasing and personal for a major manufacturing company. He has been a real estate broker and aircraft flight instructor (CFII).

Mr. Schauf is no longer actively involved in "debt validation" or the use of the information in his books. Please DO NOT try to contact him.

You can see his old site at the, but you will not find any information not on this site.


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