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America's Hope to Cancel Bank Loans Without Going to Court


This book is based solely on the definitions as given in this book, as well as Federal Reserve Bank publications and standard bank bookkeeping entries. This book presumes equal protection under the law and that all material facts must be disclosed in an agreement. The basic presumptions of this book is that a loan is not an exchange.

I am not claiming that bankers, politicians, or CPAs are criminals. I believe the general public is misled as to the truth of the bank loan agreement regarding who provided the original capital in funding the bank loan check. The general public is misinformed as to the economic consequences of such banking processes. This book will not claim that bankers are criminals, but endeavors to show the general public the economic effect of a transaction according to the bookkeeping entries. The reader must use the glossary of terms unique to this book. (Example: "counterfeit" is defined as private banks creating money. "Stealing" or "theft" is defined as the bank obtaining the borrower's promissory note (loan agreement) without loaning 'one cent of legal tender or other depositors' money.) The words counterfeit, theft, larceny, etc. have been used to describe similar or like economic effects. In this way, non-accountants can understand the real cost and risk of the bank loan agreement. I have written this book according to my research, belief, theory, and religious conviction.

THIS BOOK CANNOT BE USED IN A GOVERNMENT COURT AS EVIDENCE. Attorneys representing banks may contact me to help stop this book from being entered as evidence in court. I refuse to be the expert witness or testify in court unless I agree in writing and am paid to do so. This book was written to create a political solution, not to correct the bank problem in court. A political solution will save the economy and the nation. We must be responsible and protect the economy.

***WEBMASTERS COMMENT *** Some have said that the American people are TOO STUPID to ever figure this out! Well, I think they are wrong -- some of us have been awakened and are doing something that will fulfill Habakkuk 2.6-8, and Micah 4.13!!! And some are realizing that ALL politicians need to be thrown out of office and be replaced by "Grandmas" who have no vested interests and only care about how their children and grandchildren will be able to survive and have a happy and secure future!

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