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Top Secret Banker's Manual
(New - Released 3-1-02)

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Tom obtained a secret bank manual from one of the heads of a major university. The individual wanted the information to be exposed to every American. Tom also obtained information from bank auditors and a judge, who all want this information exposed (all were meeting secretly with Tom).

Information about the secret bank manual, interviews with bank auditors wanting to expose the secret, and a secret meeting with a judge, include the following:

  1. Laws that bankers do not want you using against them in court;
  2. What made a credit card debt collector immediately dismiss the court case against the alleged debtor;
  3. What made an attorney trying to collect on a mortgage fearing our paperwork and refuse to show up to court even when the judge ordered the bank attorney to appear in court;
  4. Admissions in court that the banker cannot answer without exposing the secret;
  5. What the judge or bank attorney might ask you and if you answer it incorrectly you will lose;
  6. Historical information what people told Tom as they claim they won or lost in court;
  7. Typical bank attorney arguments and how to silence them;
  8. Notices to the banks that people have used (the bank cannot explain the agreement they wrote);
  9. What to expect if the bank offers to cancel half or all of the debt;
  10. Why Tom is not advocating court and believes the vote is the only real solution to the problem;
  11. The ways bankers double investment money quickly - learn what they trade and how computers tell them when to trade (regular people have been learning how to do it);
  12. The debt bubble is getting worse - the manual/tape explains a way to help foreclosure victims to save equity in their home and make a profit; imagine having a part time business that makes more money as the economy gets worse and foreclosures increase;

Some people armed with this information have significantly increased their wealth, their return on their investments, and are also cutting their debt. Are you going to live from paycheck to paycheck just making it with a boss who can terminate your job at any time? Why not benefit from the secret of increasing your wealth that the bankers have been enjoying? Bankers understand the principle of getting 50-100 percent return. It is not unusual for bankers and people who know the secret to get 50-100 percent or more profit a year on investments by using computers to signal the buy and sell positions (no guarantee can be given on returns). The manual tells you whom to talk with to use the computers. Did you know that if you get 100 percent return a year, $5,000 becomes one million in 7 years? Do the math; a 50 percent profit a year turns $5,000 into one million in 14 years. Where will you be in 7-14 years? Will you be in debt, or will you decide to benefit from the banker's secret? The stock market is not the best place to invest in. The manual will tell you what investments that the bankers trade in that are yielding huge profits and you can learn to do it just like the big bankers. Imagine starting a local investment club to get huge investment profits using the banker's methods. Bankers know about money and how to make the huge profits - so learn from the money masters and it can change your life forever!

Tom says that just because a friend or neighbor may have had their debt canceled is not a guarantee it will happen to you.

You need to read Tom's first two banking books before you can understand The Secret Bank Manual.

In the past copycats have signed agreements with Tom to keep the banking information confidential. The copycats broke the agreement and then charged people $1,000s claiming to cancel your debts. Now this information is made public in The Secret Bank Manual and you can get it all from the original source and pay less money. If you lose your job, can't pay the bills and the creditor comes knocking on your door, you need to know what to do today to prepare yourself before it becomes an emergency. Get The Secret Bank Manual today and let the banker know that you know the answer to the riddle.

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