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Vision Statement

We are the main point of contact for people who need help with unverified mortgage and credit card debts.

We are a knowledgeable and motivated team of professional who follow existing laws and statures to provide the documentation and procedures required to validate secured and unsecured loans, and then eliminate those that the lenders are unable or unwilling to verify under penalty of perjury.

We are returning America to a system of honest banking and lending by educating all Americans about the bookkeeping entries behind the loan agreement, so that the birthright and wealth of all Americans cannot be stolen by a lender's sleight of hand.

We are real Americans using real money -- not the debt currency substituted by foreigners who control the privately owned banking cartel in this country.

We are dedicated to fulfilling the Vision in Chapter 2 of the book of Habakkuk in the Holy Bible. This chapter reveals that in the end times just before the Great Tribulation, a remnant of the people of the Living-Creator will suddenly rise up to collect the money stolen from them by the modern-day moneychangers -- the counterparts of the moneychangers that were thrown out of God's temple by Jesus Christ twice during His ministry on earth (Jn 2.13-16; Mt 21.12-13). Today's moneychangers get rich by making fraudulent loans to an unsuspecting public who are not familiar with the bookkeeping entries that, in most cases, show that borrower's promissory notes and contracts became negotiable instruments and were converted into cash and deposited and then later withdrawn without their authorization.

We are dedicated to fulfilling the prophecies in Isaiah 23.18 and Zephaniah 2.9 by using the spoils taken back from this international lending cartel to establish the "strong nation" mentioned in Micah 4 (4.1,6-8). This strong nation is the Living-Creator's end-time witness that His Way does produce peace and prosperity, and is a viable alternative to Satan's commercial and political system based on competition and exploitation. And as there was the days of Noah, so will there also be no less of a way of escape provided by the Creator in the End Time with this strong nation and its 'City of Truth" (Zechariah 8.3)

This strong nation will also be a place of safety surrounded by a wall of fire (Zechariah 2.1-13) for the remnant and elect to survive the Great Tribulation. These survivors will become the foundation for the Kingdom of God that will rule for 1000 years on this earth and then on into Eternity as the Family of God.

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